Imagine that your team was hired to evaluate the success of the criminal justice intervention program selected for your Ethical Issues with Program Evaluation assignment due in Week Five. The organiza

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Imagine that your team was hired to evaluate the success of the criminal justice intervention program selected for your Ethical Issues with Program Evaluation assignment due in Week Five. The organization that runs the program needs you to create a brief proposal about your plan for evaluation

·      Target population

·      Data collection techniques


Evaluation methods-( Focus on this section only)

·      Criteria that will be used to evaluate the success of your program

·      One sample data-collection form or survey

Write about 400 words on Evaluation methods only

Imagine that your team was hired to evaluate the success of the criminal justice intervention program selected for your Ethical Issues with Program Evaluation assignment due in Week Five. The organiza
Running head: CRIMINAL JUSTICE INTERVENTION PROGRAM 1 Criminal Justice Intervention Program Name Institution Criminal Justice Intervention Program Violence is one of the vices that sickens the world today. Violence is one of the major killers of the victims, especially those who do not quickly receive justice at the earliest time possible. The criminal intervention programs, therefore, because sometimes there can be a delay in receiving justice since sometimes it can be very challenging and overwhelming for the victims of atrocities like domestic violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking to navigate the legal system (, 2019). The criminal justice intervention programs therefore go and stand in the space for such people who usually receive underwhelming support due to the shame that they typically suffer and hence do not want to share about the ordeals that they go through. The staff of the members of the program does not just help with the obtaining of the justice, but they also provide the survivors with the necessary supported help that they need to go through the healing process successfully. The kind of services that the bodies provide is both indirect and direct support. They can also help by protecting some of the victims who sometimes are also witnesses in criminal cases in which they were involved. This paper is going to give an in-depth look into Cornerstone Criminal Justice Program. Cornerstone is an anti-violence criminal justice program which was established in January 1985, when they began their first safe housing in Minnesota. The program has helped house several crime victims and their children. Cornerstone has a program called Day One which national referral system which provides referrals to the victims who are seeking help. Cornerstone has its main office in Bloomington southern Hennepin County, another office in Brooklyn, and the other is in Minneapolis (, 2019). The programs executive director Ms. Schnabel is a lot of experience with the interpersonal violence since she has worked in the field for 20 and more years. The programs Emergency Services Manager is Carmen Anderson. Anderson has had experience working with violence victims in hospitals or even in the court. Pamela Maldonado is the victim advocacy, program manager. She uses her extensive knowledge in public policies and social change to ensure that the victims are adequately represented in the courts and are served the of the justice that they deserve. Community advocacy and training manager is Cheryl Kolb-Untinen. She uses her knowledge in behavioral science and counseling to help the victims of the domestic violence crimes to cope and to walk them towards healing. She provides speeches in and training to various audiences on domestic violence and compassion fatigue. Apart from advocacy and counselling, Cornerstone provides anti-violence training to both adults and youths. Gender imbalance and feminism is one of the ethical issues that may arise when evaluating the Cornerstone program. Despite the fact the program was initiated and founded by both men and women, the current system and structure of leadership are quite discriminative (Dobash & Dobash, 2000). The administration comprises of women only, and that may cause some other men that the main agenda is about women and it is no longer about intervening criminal justice and helping the survivors instead it is about protecting the women exclusively. Another ethical issue is designing as they focus more on the cure than prevention. For them to reduce the number of abusers, they should also focus on training the perpetrators against it. The best way to deal with the ethical issues is by involving the men who are interested in the program so that they do not feel left out by the program. Most men are interested in the issues that pertain in the protection of both genders against violence (Dobash & Dobash, 2000). Leaving such men out does not only condemn them but also tell the male gender that they do not need any protection against anything. It is, therefore, a very prudential thing for the Cornerstone group to consider revising their leadership and organizational structures to become more gender sensitive. On the second issue, they should probably start working on more preventive measures then putting more resources on the recovery process. The recovery process is very helpful, but they should work on ways of protecting people and preventing them from having to go through the heinous atrocities as their fellas have before. References (2019). Cornerstone comprehensive adult programs | Cornerstone. Retrieved from Dobash, R., & Dobash, R. (2000). Evaluating Criminal Justice Interventions for Domestic Violence. Crime & Delinquency, 46(2), 252-270. doi: 10.1177/0011128700046002007

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