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Attached document will provide you with information on the case you will need to conduct research,

You will now put yourself in the shoes of a paralegal working at a defense law firm. A defendant in the Justin King complaint has retained your law firm to represent it against Mr. King.

Your supervising attorney has asked you to do some preliminary research to determine what legal, affirmative defenses your client may have in this case.

You should conduct legal research on Westlaw to research cases. To access Westlaw, click on the Library under Academic Tools. No separate sign-on is required. You will then click on Westlaw Campus Research.

View a video tutorial on how to use Westlaw.

After viewing the tutorial, conduct research of cases of affirmative defenses on Westlaw. Select one case which you think is most relevant for the case. You should select a published or reported case for this Assignment. Do not select an unpublished case. Some courts prohibit using unpublished cases. Unpublished cases also carry less weight and authority than published cases. Go to the “Course Documents” section under Course Resources to access files to assist you in your Assignment.

Part 1. Research Strategy: In Part 1, explain your research strategy. Write this in first person. Make sure to write in complete sentences and paragraphs. You should state the database or sources of documents that you searched (e.g., Illinois state cases), the search method you used (e.g., “advanced search” or “easy search”), and the search terms you used. You should state how you used KeyCite to verify that the case has not been reversed or overruled. You should also explain the strategies you used to refine the search such as revising the initial search terms, limiting the search by date, and other search strategies.

Part 2. Case Citation and Summary: In Part 2, provide the citation for the case you selected in Bluebook citation format and provide a summary of the case and affirmative defense described in the case. The summary should provide a summary of the facts and holding in the case you select focusing on the affirmative defense.

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