Hypothetical Study/Research Paper

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This part of the research paper has to be about 4 Pages Long double spaced. I have attached the research paper of what I have completed so far, so that you can review it and be able to complete this last part of the paper. Please use your own words and address the following questions:

Prompt: Submit a draft of your discussion section. There are several important objectives that need to be accomplished in the discussion:

Address the original question—were the results congruent with what was expected (hypothesis) and what was found (results)?

If hypothesis was supported, state why and how.

If the hypothesis was not supported, state why. For example, discuss potential sources of research error. (Apply the same critique methods used in the literature review.)

Relate your research findings to existing research that was cited in your literature review.

State how your research can be applied, extended, and/or improved.

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