Humanities Research Paper

Humanities Research Paper

This is a research paper project about a topic of our choice. The student should employ the research, texts material and discussions in class. The topic I have chosen was: Rise and history of blues/hip music in Black African American society. The themes that we discussed in class were: Racism, Discrimination, Racial Violence, Black Identity. The text material that we used was mainly James Baldwin book “Going To Meet The Man”. There’s a short story called “Sunnys Blues” that can help support.

Here’s the proposal that I wrote for the paper:


Music is a huge part in culture today. For example, blues and hip-hop have become an instrumental part in African-American culture. Blues music originated in the 16th century from Enslaved African-Americans.This gave a voice to their common experiences, where a majority of society was indoctrinated to eliminate their self-expression.

Hip hop began as more of a melting pot of culture rather than a genre. Although the two genres of music started in different time era’s, blues was conceived similarly with the oppression of African- Americans at the time. With the disconnection to the rest of society, blues and hip hop became a major part of African-Americans culture. Hip hop and blues are related and we will discuss how and why they are a centerpiece of self expression in African American communities.

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