Human services. 2 paragraphs

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In the Module Two and Three discussions, you have the opportunity to practice using four different instruments to analyze a family and/or community of your choice. This week, in this first part of the discussion assignment, choose two instruments to explore. Next week, you will explore the other two instruments that you do not this week.

Choose two of the following assessment instruments: ecomaps, genograms, sociograms, or culturagrams. Use the following resources to assist you in selecting the assessment instruments of choice:

Consider conducting your own research on these instruments as well to best inform your decision.

Using the instruments you have chosen to explore this week, apply them to either your own family or a family of your choice from a TV show or movie. You can use Microsoft Word to create your diagram by using the shape and line features, or you may hand draw the diagram.

You are encouraged (but not required) to upload your actual diagrams to the discussion board so that your peers can see your work and so you can demonstrate their use when applied to a family or community. By using the instruments you chose to explore, what did you learn about your family or community (or the family/community of your choice) during this process that you did not know before? List two potential goals that you would have based on the results.

In responding to your classmates’ posts, comment on their goals and offer suggestions for additional goals based on the results they derived by using the instruments.

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