Human Capital Discussion

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Word Format only

NO Matching or Plagiarism ratio 

(APA style) to reference

The books:

Employee training and development By Noe & Kodwani 8th Edition (2020) McGraw-Hill Education.

DeSimone, Randy L._Werner, Jon M – Human resource development

Raymond Andrew Noe – Employee Training & Development-McGraw Hill (2023)


First Part: 

Write Critial Analysis – (you need to explain the case study on the basis of the studied chapter and the case ) – at least 300 words

Second Part: ( you need to relate the answer with the case and the chapter ) (each question has to be 250 words at least)


What changes would you recommend that Choc Co. make to their current learning and development provision in order to reduce costs and improve performance?

Discuss how e-learning, competency frameworks and improved knowledge-sharing at Choc Co. might help to cut costs and make the HRD activity at Choc Co. more strategic.

How might the firm seek to ensure a return on investment for its learning and development activity?

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