This assignment depends on you thoroughly analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOTs) that were identified in previous assignments. 

You need to compare both present strengths and weaknesses from Assign # 2 (Comprehensive Needs Assessment) and future threats and opportunities from Assign # 3 (Environmental Scanning). These two procedures are critical before moving on to Assign# 5. Your approach to this assignment should be as a performance consultant. Remember, your prime directive is to help the organization achieve its goals and objectives. (B) Choose the most appropriate long-term organizational strategy. Select and justify your solution. Be sure to follow the below guidelines!! 

Your paper must include the following subsections: 

A. Your Organization (10 pts)

1. Brief description of what your organization does, its mission/goals etc.

2. Why is it important to have a long-term strategy? 

B. SWOT or WOTS-Up Analysis (10 pts)

1. Compare the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organization. Use a table if you wish to present the data.

C. The Long-Term Organizational Strategy (20pts)

Describe the organizational strategy & provide reasons/rationale for selecting the strategy. Select from growth, diversification, turnaround and retrenchment strategies. Refer to video and powerpoints from Class #8 for appropriate rationale USING YOUR SWOT analysis.  D. HRD Intervention Plan (15 pts)

What HRD interventions (individual training and development, career development, organization development, performance management) will help the organization achieve the strategy? HRD will help build on strengths, exploit opportunities, fix weaknesses, and defend against threats.

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