how far away is this star cluster?

ASTRONOMY PICTURE OF THE DAY Research Assignment & Oral Presentation What is the assignment? A short paper, plus a 2 – 4 minute talk based on an image from the Astronomy Picture of the Day website: the website: (

You can do this project alone or in pairs. How Do I Complete The Assignment?

1.Hand in, via Canvas, a link to a specific Astronomy picture of the Day and five research questions (see example on page three). Your picture must be related to the focus of your course. For example, planetary astronomy students can talk about human space exploration or planets around other stars, but not supernovae or black holes. Please make sure

i.none of your questions can be fully answered by reading the blurb below your APOD image. ask research-level questions. For example, “how far away is this star cluster?” would be easy to just answer “100 light years”. A a research-level question might involve comparing the distance of the star cluster to other, more familiar objects

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