How do social structures affect the way we live?

SO1050: Week 2 Assignment How do social structures affect the way we live?
This assignment helps you apply your knowledge from this week’s modules
and readings.
Throughout your healthcare career, you will interact with a diverse group of
people. It is important to understand how socialization and social structures
affect how we act and see ourselves and others. Practicing integrity,
tolerance and respect are values which lead to career success. 50
Social Structure and Interaction
Answer the following questions. 1. What is the difference between macrosociology and microsociology?
Type answer here 2. Define the term: social structures
Type answer here 3. Provide an example of a social structure.
Type answer here 4. “Status is an important social construct because the positions we occupy lead to the roles that we
play” is a quote from your textbook. How would you explain this quote if you were talking to a fiveyear-old child?
Type answer here 5. How can social structures impact your interactions in the workplace?
Type answer here © Ultimate Medical Academy. 1 Socialization
Answer the following questions. 6. Define the term: socialization
Type answer here 7. Provide an example of primary socialization.
Type answer here 8. Provide an example of secondary socialization.
Type answer here 9. What is the difference between nature theory and nurture theory?
Type answer here 10. Cooley believed that people develop a sense of themselves through a process of reflection. List the
three steps associated with the “looking-glass self” process.
a. Type answer here
b. Type answer here
c. Type answer here 11. Explain a situation where your social structure either positively or negatively affected a situation. Type answer here 12. Choose one question below: either a or b.
a. What parenting style was used in your household when you were growing up? How did this
affect you?
Type answer here
b. What parenting style do you use today with children? Why?
Type answer here © Ultimate Medical Academy. 2 Groups and Societies
Answer the following questions. 13. What is a social group?
Type answer here 14. Why do social groups form?
Type answer here 15. Why do you think social groups form at the workplace?
Type answer here 16. What are negative consequences of conforming to stereotypical or bad behaviors in the workplace? Type answer here Sociological Research
Answer the following questions. 17. A politician once said: "The top 1% of wealthiest Americans own as much wealth as 90% of the rest
of Americans." How does this quote make you feel?
Type answer here 18. Describe the class structures in the US in the table below.
Social Structure Description Upper Class Type answer here Middle Class Type answer here Working Class Type answer here Lower Class Type answer here
© Ultimate Medical Academy. 3 19. What is the relationship between education and social class?
Type answer here Reflection
Reflect on what you have learned this week to help you respond to the question below. You may choose
to respond in writing or by recording a video! 20. If you received a promotion or your boss gave you leadership responsibilities at work, what would
your leadership style be? Why? What levels of leadership would you be successful with? (Hint: Refer
to the Functionalism and Leadership section of Chapter 6.)
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