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Be sure to address all topics in an in-depth, well-thought-out manner (150–200 words). Make at least one reference to the course material. Engage in on-going, productive conversation with a minimum of two of your classmates throughout the unit. Remember that you will learn more by sharing ideas. Your grade will be based on how well your posts further the Discussions by stimulating thought and understanding in others.

Topic: How do other cultures “do” gender?

Explore the internet and find a video resource that describes how another culture depicts gender. Share the video with your classmates. Compare and contrast how men and women act out their gender in this culture versus how men and women act out gender in your culture. Note: some video may contain nudity due to the cultural norms of appearance in that culture. Please make a note in your post if your video contains this type of nudity so that others may be aware before opening the material.

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