How Accounting Suits Me

Chen 1
Si Chen
English 1A
P. Arterburn
Tuesday 9:45-11:50
April 10, 2017
How Accounting Suits Me
Everyone is asked: “Why did you choose your major?” When I am asked this
question, I probably respond, “I am quite fit for a major in accounting, especially after
screening valuable information from my research.” I seem to have a clearer picture of
what a career would be like. Everyone should work on planning careers based on selfassessment. If you know yourself well, you will find a career that suits your personality.
In my effort to pursue accounting, I have considered a few circumstances that are key to a
successful career. I garnered information from relevant sources about accounting and
related jobs. I considered the advantage I may be able to enjoy when I take accounting as
a four year major course. Some of the advantages include: best route to a successful
business career, a lot of career opportunities, and being skilled in math. These advantages
confirmed that choosing accounting was the correct thing to do for myself.
The reason accounting may be the best route to a successful business career is
because accounting has always been considered as the basic tool of business. It has
always concerned itself with determining how a business is doing. According to
accounting today” management accounting helps you keep your business running while
financial accounting tells you how well you’re running it” (Scott Rosen).It shows that
accounting is closely related to the business, no matter management accounting or
financial accounting. When running a business, we need to be responsible to the money
that we are holding or to the money that was being used to make our business stronger. In Chen 2
accounting, using money wisely was being discussed not only spending money wisely but
also recording different transactions that was really necessary to make a report of what do
the business needs. There are some people who are not engaged in an accounting field
after graduating from college, but they are still successful in running their own business
that was largely attributed to the foundation of an accounting skill. This showed me that
majoring in accounting would provide me with skills that are unique in the business world
. In this increasingly complex and competitive business environment, accounting skills
are very much in demand, and accounting has become a dynamic career.
Another reason I chose accounting as my major is because of the varied job
opportunities that are open to accountants. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that
“employment in the field will grow by 16% within the next decade.” (Carney)I can see a
large market demand for people with accounting services. However, the requirements for
accounting skill are different because society needs different kinds of talent. Entry-level
jobs are dependent on the extent of your education. Positions of bookkeeper and
accounting clerk, for example, require a high school diploma and perhaps a two-year
associate degree in accounting. The position of accountant demands that you have a more
thorough understanding of financial concepts and so requires a minimum of a four-year
bachelor’s degree in accounting.Some accountants go on tworkdo become certified public
accountants, or CPAs,as this opens up additional job opportunities for them. To become a
CPA, we need to earn college credits over and above accounting major, gain some work
experience, and,most importantly, we will need to pass the CPA Exam.As can be seen,
being an accountant has great development space in the future. I can choose jobs based on
my ability.Therefore, choosing to pursue accounting as my four year course is a good
decision, since there is a readily available market for accountants around the country. Chen 3
The last reason why I have decided to major in accounting is because I am skilled
in math. Consequently, when choosing a career, it is advisable that one considers what he
or she can do best, and thus choose a career that matches one’s skills. Accordng to the
Four Basic Mathematical Operations,“In general, you’ll be getting computers doing most
of the complicated mathematics for you, and you mostly need to be able to do the four
main functions really well: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division” (Smith).
On doing this analysis, I have considered my skills in a number works, and realised they
could be of great application in accounting work, such as cashbook.
In conclusion, it is clear that by opting to having accounting as my major in a
four year course would be a very wise decision. This is because from the information
acquired in the research, I can tell that the accounting career path offers the best career
freedom that anyone would require from a career. I am, therefore, convinced that this is
the best decision I have ever made.

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