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Please read the following writing assignment information. It is mandatory and required to include a Cover and Reference page. Please submit no more than 2 pages and no less than 1 complete page. Dr. Jordan

Please go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Website at www.bls.gov

  • Type in Healthcare Administration in the search window at the upper right hand corner of the website page.
  • You may click on “Medical and Health Service Managers” or “Healthcare Occupations.”
  • EXPLORE these pages (pay and salary by state, education, work environment, skills needed, future outlook for the occupation).


1. What did you find interesting about your search on healthcare administration?

2. Has this information changed how you feel about your degree path? In what way?

3. What changes will you make (if any) about your degree pathway in healthcare administration?

4. Have you discussed any of these issues with your MGA Healthcare Administration Advisor? Why or why not?

Please let me know if you are having trouble locating your Healthcare Administration Advisor!


  • Cover Page has three lines and centered in the middle of page
    • name of assignment
    • your name
    • school you attend
  • Reference Page– “References” is the heading (not Works Cited, Bibliography, Resources, etc.).
    • No bullet points or numbering before the resource name.
    • Names of resources are in alphabetical order.
    • For the Bureau of Labor Statistics writing assignment, the BLS website will be used as your reference in APA format.
  • Please adhere to APA format by

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