HIS UCF Module 6 Use of Camera in the Spiderman Film Discussion

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For this discussion, you are to simply choose any film you want and take a look at how the camera is used as a formal tool to construct the film. Investigate the role of the cinematography in your chosen film, as well as its access and significance in the overall meaning of the film.

There are two components for this discussion:

1.) Please provide a MINIMUM 150-word explanation of your findings in the discussion board.

2.) Also do a MINIMUM 50-word response to another student about the film they chose.

Between the two posts, you will be posting a MINIMUM total of 200 words for the week. However, be aware that you must meet the MINIMUM for each post. DO NOT submit a post that is under the word count and then attempt to make up the difference in the other post (e.g. 125 words on the first post and then 75 words in the reply to a peer).

Please include an accurate word count with each post or points will be deducted. As always, spelling, grammar (including italicizing film titles), and quality of content are also important.

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