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Here are comments that you must look and follow to revise my paper

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Junho Lee


I have always had an interest in the banking sector, which led me to decide to take on international business as a major. I hope to be a loans officer in one of America’s leading banks or an insurance agent in a reputable organization. However, my first preference is to be a loans officer. As a loans officer, my work will encompass the issuing of loans and the investigation whether firms are fit to receive loans. Apart from the responsibilities mentioned above, as a loans officer, a crucial part of my job will be that of ensuring that those companies seeking loans have insurance cover.

To prepare adequately for my future career, I have worked on qualities that will bolster my chances of success as a loans officer. These qualities include; – discipline, drive, competitiveness, and reliability. Control is highly valued virtue. Thus, an agent should demonstrate utmost discipline(Weert, Frans, 2011).  In addition to these requirements, I hope to bank and improve on my strengths that include hard work and my adventurous nature. As a loans officer, my job will involve seeking of potential clients and scrutinizing their financial statements. This work will require my adventurous nature coupled with my hard work to lead me into untouched territories and capitalize on them.

My family has been my pillar of strength, guiding me through school and in my career path.  Despite this, I still encounter challenges in my pursuit of this goal. Being of Korean origin, I am not very fluent in English.  As I carry out my job in America, I will be expected to communicate with my clients in English, and this poses a challenge.  I also am naturally a taciturn kind of person, but communication is key in banking.  It is my hope that as once I join Coles Business School; I will continue to work on my English. The class interaction sessions between professors and my fellow students will have a positive impact on my quite nature and poor English.

However, after the establishment of my basic personality requirements, the next challenge is to develop educationally. I believe that knowledge of banking will give me an insight into the world of banking. As a credit officer, I need to understand how banks operate as a base on which to build on as a loans officer. Knowledge of banking will enlighten me on the kind of loans I should give as a loans officer.  To help me attain this knowledge, I hope to study banking as a course at school. Insurance goes hand in hand with the giving of loans. I need to have sufficient knowledge on insurance covers and how they are acquired to be able to ascertain whether my clients meet the criteria for awarding of loans.  Taking up an insurance course will be of benefit to my career path.

Flexibility is a trait I consider crucial as a loans officer. From my research, every client is unique, with some making individual demands. As such, I will need to be flexible enough to be as customer-specific as possible. On researching, there are different towns that certain careers would thrive. For loan officers, New York, and Chicago have the highest projected growth for loan officers with earnings of $56,490 as per BLS. These agents get employed by banks, commercial lenders, business entities, mortgage firms, and insurance companies. I also anticipate that in the next ten years, I will be working as an insurance agent who earns an average annual wage of $46,770 with the best states for an operation being Los Angeles and Boston.

Apart from working for a required grade point average of 2.8, I plan on undertaking additional courses after school and attending workshops to boost my career. I plan on signing up for accounting classes and sitting for exams that will make me a certified public accountant.  Since I want to expand my professional network, I also plan on seeking membership in the American Bankers Association and attending some of the several workshops it organizes (Sethi, 2011).

Coles College of Business would be a very suitable environment where I can gain the knowledge necessary to provide me a foundation. The courses offered are very suitable to my line of career. Global accounting offered at the college is insightful. It gives me a deeper understanding of the banking industry around the globe. I might later gain interest in working for a multinational or banks outside America and knowledge of global accounting will give me a foundation. With interest in insurance, insurance markets and structures offered at the college takes me through the world of insurance. The rigorous teaching with patient professors enables me to thrive academically while a good curriculum will ensure my mastery of the skills I require for my future job.  Coles College of business is a place I was also hoping to guide me into creating conversations with my fellow colleagues, a skill that is crucial for my job.


Sethi, Jyotsna, and Nishwan Bhatia. Elements of Banking and Insurance / \c Jyotsna Sethi, Nishwan Bhatia. , 2011. Print.

Weert, Frans . Bank and Insurance Capital Management. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley, 2011. Print.

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