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Project 3 consists of a 1000-1200 word academic essay that supports an arguable claim through background/context on the topic, evidence, counterarguments, and conclusion that offers the reader something for further thought.

Final Draft

The final draft of the essay should be 1,000-1,200-words and include a thesis, all major points, evidence to support these points (including in-text citations), counterclaims, and a Works Cited page. Using MLA format.

Project Description/Assignment

Students should use research as support for their thesis and a way of acknowledging and incorporating counterclaims. Students should incorporate a minimum of six sources, at least four of which need to be peer-reviewed.

Part I: The Essay

You will generate an arguable claim and write a 1,000-1,200 word academic essay to support that claim, based on the following requirements:

    1. present your arguable claim in your thesis
    2. provide background on the topic
    3. use evidence to support your claim
    4. explain counterarguments and refute them to support your claim
    5. offer a conclusion that underscores why your argument matters within a larger context


Moving from an assessment of the historical context from your Project 1 paper, the thesis for Project 2 should distinctly stake your claim in the argument. The thesis should respond to the research question by establishing an arguable claim. The thesis should include your understanding of counterarguments and develop evidence-based claims that support your argument on the topic.

Terms You Should Know

  • Ethos: appeal to credibility or morality
  • Pathos: appeal to the emotions
  • Logos: appeal to logic
  • Kairos: appeal to timeliness
  • Medium: tool for communication
  • Remediation: an argument made in one medium translated into another medium
  • Audience: recipient of communication
  • Counterargument: an argument opposed to the idea developed by your thesis

*The sources should be ACADEMIC SOURCES.


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