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answer the discussion question with a minimum of 150 words. Please use apa format for works cited. Then respond to student a and b response to the question with a minimum of 50 words.

question: at purpose does plea bargaining serve for the defense? For the prosecution? Given the criticism leveled against plea bargaining, do you believe that it is an acceptable practice?

STUDENT A: Plea Bargaining is useful to both the defendant and the prosecution. Firstly, according to Frank Schmalleger’s Criminal Justice Today, An Introductory Text for the 21st Century (pg. 322) a plea bargaining is “the process of negotiating an agreement among the defendant, the prosecutor, and the court as to an appropriate sentence. . . reduces the time required for the resolution of a criminal case.” This practice allows the necessary time that it typically takes for a court case to conclude and reduces it significantly. Allowing another case to be heard and does not waste both the jury’s and the judge’s time with a case that can be easily concluded. Since, the majority of those convicted of a crime that receives a plea bargain either has, poor evidence or there is a lot of evidence stacked against them. Not to mention this allows those who are convicted to have a shorter sentence. Regardless of the criticism of plea bargaining, I still think that the practice should be still used since it saves time for everyone in the courtroom. What do you think?

STUDENT B: A plea bargaining is an arrangement between a prosecutor and defense in which the suspect pleads guilty to a lesser sentence. The plea bargain is a quicker process for the courts and allow both the prosecutor and defense from going to trial. The purpose of a plea bargain for the defense is so that they could receive a lighter sentence instead of going to trial and getting the maximum sentence. It sometimes reduces the charges, so that instead of them getting charged with rape they will get charged with assault instead. Like I stated earlier it is a quicker process so the defendant doesn’t have to keep waiting and they can go one with their lives. For Prosecutors plea bargaining saves them the time and money that they will need in order to prepare for trial. I think plea bargaining is a great system for those who are guilty and want to save time and also get a lighter sentence. A trial cost money so a plea bargain helps saves a lot of money for the prosecutor, defender, and the courts. Yes it can be bad for someone who is not guilty and might take it so that they don’t have to waste their money and take their chances going to court. If the defendant is really guilty i think this would be their best chance of getting a lighter sentence.

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