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Prior to the 19th century, children were generally viewed as “small adults” and treated accordingly. Adult punishments for children eventually changed with the “child saving movement.” Based on this information, discuss the following:

·How did the prevailing social conditions influence the child saving movement, and why?

·What other alternatives could have been proposed to the child saving movement?

·How did the child saving movement have a positive effect and a long-term influence on the beginnings of the juvenile justice system? Explain your answers with research and reasoning.

·Should juveniles who commit serious crimes be treated as adults? Will this help slow down the rate of violent acts committed by juveniles?

·In recent years, politicians, policy makers, and the general public have started demanding that juveniles take the responsibility for their actions and should be punished the same way as adults. This demand is allowing more and more juvenile offenders to be prosecuted in adult or criminal courts. Do you think these demands are taking us back to the type of situation which occurred before the child saving movement? With the increase in these demands, discuss the impact of the child saving movement on the modern juvenile justice system.

Cite any sources using APA format on a separate page.

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