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1) Review the persuasive writing techniques in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and then write a two to three paragraph (roughly 150-200 words) persuasive statement, explaining why your university is a good place to get an education. Your audience is other adult learners and prospective adult learners. You can choose to craft a general message, something that would be useful to all prospective students, or you can focus on a specific academic discipline or some other important aspect of your college experience. Make sure your introductory comments make it clear whether you are offering a general recommendation or a specific one

2) Find a communication example that you believe could be improved by applying the visual design principles you read about this week. It can be from any medium – a webpage, a magazine ad, a promotional email, an illustration from a report, etc., as long as you can display it in the forum. Identify the visual weaknesses and describe ways to fix them. Explain why you believe the message isn’t as effective as it could be and how your suggestions would make it more effective.

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