elements of the health belief model

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The Health Belief Model is based on the idea that health behaviors may be predicted by four key perceptions.Consider the following example of the Health Belief Model in practice:

Australian health workers identified skin cancer as a serious threat and encouraged residents to protect themselves from the sun. Unfortunately, they found that Australians loved to be in the sun—especially teens, who have a widespread and popular practice of sunbathing on Australia’s beautiful beaches. The planned interventions had to acknowledge these Health Belief Model concepts and address the four perceptions before any teens would change their sunbathing behaviors.

To prepare for this Discussion, search the Walden Library, and find an article about an intervention based on the Health Belief Model.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post a description of how the intervention in your chosen article used the Health Belief Model. Then, explain which of the four key perception components was used and which of the four was the strongest—or most relevant—to the health condition being studied. Finally, analyze the strengths and limitations of the Health Belief Model in predicting behavior change.

Include all references

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