answer two questions on this short story 7

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Flannery O’Connor, “Good Country People”: Question to select from:

 What is the significance of the characters’ names? How are the names ironic? Can we take them seriously? Is the author poking fun at them?

 By the story’s conclusion, Mrs. Freeman’s world view, ironically, seems to reflect reality – how so?

 Describe Hulga/ Joy: why the bifurcation? What is O’Connor suggesting about her disability? Is it only one of body? What are her academic achievements? How do they seem out of place? Come back to the theme of disability when you read “Cathedral.” You could easily write a paper on the symbolism of her prosthetic leg.

ï‚· Describe the Bible-salesman. What is his game? By the end of the story, we see he is really a psychopath or sociopath. How would a doctor diagnose him? You could even refer to the DSMV used by psychologists.

 Describer his interaction with Joy in the hay loft; how does he betray her and ultimately “outsmart” her?

 What of their conversation about religion and faith? Does he, the uneducated one, point to any perceived gaps or problems with her thinking? Her reaction? Is there a “joke” here?

ï‚· What is the significance of the title? How does the hypocrisy compare to hypocrisy in another story?

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