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Write a four-page, thesis-based report on the topic you researched in Week 2.

Use the outline you completed at the end of Week 3 in writing this report.

Submit your report by attaching it to this assignment as a Word document by Tuesday, June 26. You may also submit a revised version of your outline, by the same deadline, to receive a revised score on that assignment.

Your report should have the following:

· An introduction that presents the essay’s subject, gains reader interest, and delivers an informative thesis statement.

·A thesis statement that presents a clear, newsworthy angle regarding your subject.

· Body sections that justify the thesis through a clear, logical organization.

· Informative topic sentences, delivered near the beginning of each section, that link each idea back to the thesis statement.

·Relevant, sourced facts within each body section. Give credit to the sources of your information through the use of signal phrases (attribution) ONLY. Do not parenthetical citations or a works cite page in this assignment.

· A conclusion that restates, but does not repeat, the essay’s thesis statement and uses a kicker to underscore the essay’s main idea.

· No opinion statements from you as the author. You are informing readers about a topic, not taking a side or giving readers advice about what they should do.

· MLA style page format.

Attached is the example report referenced in the instructional videos for this module:

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