write about truth and its value

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Your paper should have both of the following components:
1. Explain the objective view of truth ( Correspondence Theory). In doing so, you should explain what a truthmaker is, what things counts as truthmakers on the objective view, and what the correspondence relation is; explain what true beliefs and true sentences do that false beliefs and false sentences fail to do; and (iii) give at least one argument for why the objective view of truth makes sense.

2. Apply the objective view of truth to an area of your own life that you care about. In other words, why is objective truth important or valuable for you specifically? You can use an argument from class material as your starting point, but you should still apply it to something more concrete that you care about. And be specific! Don’t just say ‘truth matters’, but rather ‘truth about X matters to me because Y’
Each of these two components should take a page or so. But you’ll also need a proper introduction and conclusion, so that might you push you to 3 pages.1

Instructions Each short paper should be roughly 600-900 words (about 2-3 pages). 12 pt. font, double-spaced.

Read and try to cite information from (e.g. Koons & Pickavance on truthmakers or Lynch on the value of truth).

I will grade your papers according to the following rubric:

2 pts: Accurately explains objective view of truth

2 pts: Accurately gives argument for objective view of truth

2 pts: Accurately presents argument for the value of truth

2 pts: Accurately applies objective view of truth to own life

1 pt. Has proper introduction (with thesis statement) & (conclusion with summary)

1pt: No serious problems with readability or style

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