econ of developing countries 5

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  • Instructions:
    1. You have one hour to finish this exam from the time of accessing the folder. Please keep track of time so you don’t fall behind
    2. You will answer the exam on Excel. Open a new excel file and save it with your name. There are three questions and should be answered as follows:
      1. Rename the first sheet to “Question 1”. You will answer the first question on this sheet. The first question is true or false. Insert a “T” for True and “F” for false in the appropriate row. Row 1 indicates sub-question 1, row 2 indicates the second question and so on. Do NOT restate the question. Very simply, enter a T or an F in the appropriate row. That’s it.
      2. Rename the second sheet to “Question 2” and answer Question 2 entirely on it. Show all your work on excel. Rename the third sheet as “Question 2 Continued”. Part 5 of question 2 requires answering in a completely different sheet.
      3. Create a new sheet call it “Question 3”. Answer Question 3 entirely on it.
    3. Submission: After you provide your answers in the four sheets, upload your excel sheet near where you downloaded the midterm on MyCourses. Do NOT email it to me unless you have technical difficulties.
    4. Technical Difficulties: If for whatever reason, your MyCourses goes offline unexpectedly or does not allow you to submit then please feel free to email me your midterm. You still have only one hour. For your information, MyCourses provides me with a time-log of all your log-ins and log-outs and so I have a clear record of when you downloaded the midterm.
    5. Late Submissions: Late submissions will NOT be accepted. Your MyCourses session will terminate after one hour. If you experience technical difficulties, then you must email me with your excel midterm within one hour as well. In a situation where you neglect submission on time and you’re late five – ten minutes after the hour then you will be counted as having missed the midterm. Your grade will be imputed using the second midterm as indicated on the Syllabus.
    6. Questions during the midterm will be accepted via email. This is not a classroom; however, and so keep in-mind that email is not as fast as face-to-face interaction.

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