dbfa 610 quiz one

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This quiz covers Love must be tough: New hope for marriages in crisis, by Dr. Dobson. This quiz is open-book/open-notes, and contains 10 short answer questions worth five points each. Answers should be written in one to three complete sentences

Answers should be written in one to three complete sentences. Each question is worth 5 points. There is no time limit in which to complete the quiz.

1. According to Dr. Dobson, what is the relationship between panic and appeasement? [Love Must Be Tough, Ch. 2]

2. According to Dobson, how do feelings of entrapment impact love? [Love Must Be Tough, Ch. 3]

3. What are the three consequences of letting go of a cool spouse? [Love Must Be Tough, Ch. 5]

4. What happens to an aloof spouse when when his/her partner exhibits quiet confidence instead of self pity? [Love Must Be Tough, Ch. 7]

5. Dr. Dobson provides an example of Jane and her unfaithful husband. He says, “But I always come back to you: that should tell you something.” What does it actually tell her? [Love Must Be Tough, Ch. 9]

6. Describe the three situations that Dr. Dobson identifies as providing biblical grounds for remarriage. [Love Must Be Tough, Ch. 11]

7. Describe the first three stages outlined by Dr. Dobson’s Anatomy of Adultery that lead to female indiscretion. [Love Must Be Tough, Ch. 12]

8. Who should be contacted when a person is identified as the husband or wife of a child abuser, and what should be done?

9. Which type of marriage does Kinsey identify as likely to enjoy the greatest physical attraction? [Love Must Be Tough, Ch. 14]

10. According to Drs. Joy and Morris, what are the first three stages that bond two romantic partners? [Love Must Be Tough, Ch. 16]

Please No Plagiarism

Please use APA formatting and in text cititation

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