peer relationships

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To Prepare:

  • After reviewing the Learning Resources, consider ways peer relationships change as children move from childhood into adolescence.
  • Imagine you are a parent, teacher, or after-school program leader. An 8-, 12-, or 16-year-old student approaches you with concerns about bullying or aggression on social media. Choose one role for yourself and one of these three ages for your child/student. Based on the research, consider how would you advise him or her to address or mitigate the situation. How would your approach change based on the child’s gender and culture? (Please address culture and gender specifically in your initial post.)

By Day 4

Identify the role you selected for yourself and the child age you selected. Explain at least two specific ways you would advise the child/adolescent who felt bullied on social media. Include talking points or specific actions that the child could take. Frame your approach within the research of peer relationships and social and emotional development. Explain how you would account for culture and gender in the approach you take.

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