ethics in global finance quot apple quot to quot yemen quot

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For this discussion, you will research and share financial ethical considerations for your final project parent company and its foreign subsidiary. You will also reflect on the course and discuss how you will apply what you have learned going forward.

Review the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in this module’s resources, and in your initial post to the discussion, address the following:

  • What company have you chosen to analyze and to which foreign market has this company expanded?
  • Describe the ethical standards and the conduct of the financial professionals within your selected company. Are the parent company and foreign subsidiary held to different ethical principles?
  • Reflecting on the course, what was the key takeaway for you, and how do you see yourself applying what you have learned going forward?

In responding to your peers, offer your own perspective on the points regarding ethics practices in different global markets that they have brought up. Expand upon their responses by offering your own insight based on your work in the course or on your own professional experience.

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