how agile practices combined by organizations to create tailored approaches 1

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This module focuses on how agile practices and even traditional project management practices may be combined by organizations to create tailored approaches.

For our forum discussion, students are asked to consider factors which would affect the process of creating a tailored approach capable of producing a successful result. As discussed in one of the lecture videos, the key is properly balancing the desire and demand for agility with the need for effective control over the project. This balance is not always easy to establish and maintain, especially when bureaucratic organizations accustomed to a great deal of process and control steps try to apply agile. The situation becomes even more complex when multiple teams or organizations collaborate on projects.

In this forum, students should select and create a post about a factor of interest to them. Describe it in a reasonable amount of detail, and state why you are interested in it. Provide some details about how it might affect the implementation of an agile or hybrid approach. Forum posts will be evaluated on the basis of how well they describe a relevant factor and the quality of the supporting information provided. Sharing actual examples of this applying in practice in the real world is encouraged. Students are also expected to comment on at least one fellow student’s post.

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