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Weekly Essay #4, word count 650

Social Change

Society changes, often slowly and in seemingly unpredictable ways. Sociologists have as part of their discipline, the charge of understanding how and why society changes. This essay will help students think through how changes in the nature world affect changes in human societies.

In Superstorm Sandy, sociologist Diane Bates suggests that natural disasters are only in part natural. The social world and its organization are deeply connected to and impacted by such disasters. Read this article in the New York Times about Hurricane Harvey and its effects on Houston:…

After you have read the article, please watch this Democracy Now! interview (below) about the complex politics of race, class, and the environmental with sociologist Robert Bullard – known as the ‘father of the environmental justice movement.’…

Write an essay analyzing Hurricane Harvey and its impacts (as portrayed by the Bates article and Bullard interview. You do not need to do additional readings to complete this essay. Simply apply what you have learned from a sociological perspective.

What ideas or concepts presented by Bates and Bullard might be useful in understanding the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey? Are there concepts from other readings in the class that might be helpful in this analysis as well?

What opportunities exist for overcoming environmental injustice and building a more sustainable and equitable society?

Note: You may need to interpret the questions above loosely as you write your essay. Do not hesitate to put your own mark on this essay and expand in ways that you feel important in building your analysis and argument(s).

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