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(focusing on pages 3-9), please paraphrase the following passage from the following article:

“The first movement of The Great Gatsby parallels three parties: at the Buchanans’, at Myrtle Wilson’s apartment, and at Gatsby’s. In doing so, it essentially equates the three different social groups in their pursuit of pleasure and their irresponsibility. But clearly the surface of these scenes is much gayer than such a claim would indicate, Fitzgerald exposing us first—along with Nick—to the lighter side of Eastern life. And through this opening third of the book, most of the grotesque passages have a dominantly humorous tone. As we approach each of the parties, Fitzgerald offers some bit of description in which, chiefly by his use of figurative language, he exaggerates one or more details to the point of comic distortion.” (This is the fourth paragraph in the article: Critical Article #1: Gatsby and the Grotesque)

Please note that you need to cite the author and the work when you paraphrase. If you follow the instructions in the document above on paraphrasing, you will receive full credit.

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