macroeconomics credit theory of banking application 11 questions multiple choice

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To help solve number 5 there is this pdf

Just answer the questions ill be uploading. I already had one attempt at them

The light colored answers are the ones you can choose from, the one darker answer is the one i already chose and got wrong

Please have honest answers

Liquidity and Solvency Exercise


Suppose that Commercial Global Bank is a bank that focuses on making mortgages to individuals with high credit scores and solid employment records. Commercial Global bundles these high quality mortgages into mortgage-backed securities (MBS) to sell to institutional investors. They rely on wholesale depositors for a large percentage of overall deposits, which are large deposits ($1 million and above) from institutions, and they have to pay these wholesale depositors 2% deposit rates. Commercial Global has to pay its small denomination depositors (small businesses and individuals) 1.75% deposit rates.

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