what is child abuse as it pertains to a social problem

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The presentation should either be a Word pamphlet or PowerPoint slide deck that would be used to educate others on the social problem that you have spent time researching. The presentation should include all relevant information from the project that would be presented to the chosen audience.

If you choose a pamphlet, you may design it in Word in any way that you believe is visually and educationally appealing to your audience. If you choose the PowerPoint option, include Speaker Notes to exemplify what you would say in a presentation. Be sure to include current findings and material as related to the topic.

As a reminder, as you research your chosen social problem, you will develop the following components. These components will shed light on this social problem and will build towards a final paper and presentation of your social problem. Your faculty member will provide you with graded feedback along the way.

  • Social Problem selection – 1-2 page statement/summary of the problem, which will serve as the project topic
  • Historical Assessment of the problem – 1-2 page background of the social problem
  • Comparison – 1-2 page First World comparison, which will show how another country has dealt with the same social problem
  • Persuasive Solution – 1-2 page proposed solution to the social problem, which will educate an audience about ways in which this problem could be effectively handled
  • Final Paper – 4-6 page synthesis of the prior components (topic, historical assessment, comparison, and persuasive solution), which will provide a cumulative examination and scholarly research of the social problem. Research sources should be presented in proper APA citation format.
  • Presentation – a Word pamphlet or PowerPoint slide deck which can be used to educate others on the social problem, and which summarizes the material from the final paper

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