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a.       HR Management Policies


II.                  ADA


a.       Bans discrimination against people with disabilities in:


                                                               i.     Employment


                                                            ii.     Transport


                                                            iii.     Public accommodation


                                                           iv.     Communications


                                                            v.     Governmental activities


III.               EEOC


a.       Implements federal laws that forbid employment discrimination


b.     Employers cannot discriminate against anyone because of their:


                                                               i.     Race


                                                            ii.     Color


                                                            iii.     Religion


                                                           iv.     Sex


                                                            v.     Nationality


                                                           vi.     Age


                                                          vii.     Genetic information


IV.               Different types of Harassment


a.       Sexual harassment


b.     National Origin Harassment


c.       Religious Harassment


d.     Age Harassment


e.     Disability Harassment


V.                  OSHA


a.       Mission is to help employers and employees reduce work-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths


b.     OSHA has standards for Construction, Agriculture, Maritime, and General Industry


c.       Those standards limit amount of hazardous chemicals employees can be exposed to


d.     Require the use of certain safe practices and equipment


e.     Require employers to monitor hazards and keep records of injuries


VI.               FMLA


a.       Allows qualified employees to take unpaid, job- protected leave for particular family and medical reasons with continued health coverage


b.     Qualified employees are permitted to 12 work weeks of leave in a year for


                                                               i.     Birth


                                                            ii.     Care for a spouse or child


                                                            iii.     Serious health conditions that make an employee unable to work


VII.              References




 Apa format in text citations two references no plagerism



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