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There are 3 topics to this assignment: 1) Push-Pull Marketing, 2) Product Advertising, and 3) Sales Promotions.

Part 1 – The Push-Pull Marketing Strategy


  • Write a brief paragraph (in your own words) that defines the concept of both the “push channel strategy” and the “pull channel strategy.”
  • Provide an example of a company that uses both strategies, describing in detail how and why the company uses them both.


Part 2 – Product Advertising


There are 3 basic forms of product advertising.


  • Choose and describe a print advertisement (magazines, newspapers, direct mail, etc.) that appeals to you personally. Cite the publication source of the advertisement and the date it was published.
  • Why does this advertisement appeal to you? Explain why you believe this advertisement is effective.
  • Write a comprehensive description of the advertisement so that your classmates may easily visualize it.
  • How many of the 3 forms of product advertising are used in the promotion? Describe them in detail.


Part 3 – Sales Promotions


There are many sales promotion tools detailed in the textbook; you will consider coupons and rebates.


  • Describe how and why coupons are used as a sales promotion tool and provide an example of a company that effectively uses coupons. Describe the promotion in detail.
  • Describe how and why rebates are used as a sales promotion tool and provide an example of a company that effectively uses rebates. Again, describe the promotion in detail.
  • Write a comprehensive paragraph that compares the advantages and disadvantages of these 2 sales promotion tools from your perspective; include a statement as to which of the 2 promotions appeals to you more. Why?

Provide and explain a relevant Scripture reference to the subject under study this module/week. This does not contribute to the minimum length of 200 words.

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