humanities dq 100 150 words

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Please read the Instructions carefully: Thanks


“Great Composers and Color Analysis” Please respond to the following with 100-150 words, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:

Determine whether you prefer Debussy or Mahler after listening to works by each at the Websites below or in this week’s Music Folder and after reading about them.

  1. ·         Explain the reasons for your preference. Here we find musical composers inspired by poetry and by philosophy.
  2. ·         Identify one (1) element within a work that you find interesting or intriguing by either composer, with regard to the manner in which the work is performed or conducted.
  3. ·         Describe the types of things that inspire you to creativity.



Debussy and Mahler

·         “Approaching Mahler and Debussy” –

·         Musical selections for Mahler – (Symphony No. 2, Finale; Resurrection Symphony)


·         or (Symphony No. 1, 3rd Movement).

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