mba685 strategic management develop strategic business plan new venture lagos nigeria

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MBA685 – Strategic Management



Develop a Strategic Business Plan for a New Venture in Lagos, Nigeria  

A business plan of about 4000 words

Your budged is £150,000 (BP).

Assignment Specifics:


v  For the assignment’s requirements, if necessary contact local authorities for

v  licensing and/ or legal issues.

v  Your report should be grounded in relevant theory – use the core and

v  recommended reading – at the same time you should consider exploring a

v  new/ innovative idea/venture.


v  Reference all sources appropriately, using the Harvard Referencing

v  System.

v  The word count of your report is 5000 words (-/+10%).

v  The Assignment should be accomplished within 6 weeks.

v  The assignment counts 100% against your final grade.

v  DEADLINE: August 30, 2015

v See attached for further instructions

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