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  1. The Problem–After you read the chapter and any supplemental readings and view any videos, summarize the problem and how it affects society. Cite your sources in APA format. I suggest you download the APA chapter from Rules for Writers so that you have it handy for this class and any subsequent classes you have that use APA. This section should be at least 1/2 page and must include at least two sources. It should include the chapter under consideration, but also can include any other chapter, reading, or video from class. No outside sources are used. Do not quote from any source; paraphrase or summarize the information.
  2. How this Problem has Affected You–Discuss how it has affected you. For example, I could discuss inequality in the workplace based on sex and talk about how I had a job were I started on the same day as a man and we did the same job, but he was paid more per hour than me. Or I could discuss alcohol abuse and talk about what affect my alcoholic aunt had on me growing up. This section should be at least 1/2 page; start this section right after your are done with section 1.
  3. References–List all references cited in section 1 in APA format. You can start this section after you are done with section 2.

Check out the grading rubric in the assignment.

Papers will be graded out of 15 points on the content and also on grammar, mechanics, organization, and use of headings, correct APA citations and references (see the APA guide hereView in a new window), and length. I have highlighted the parts of the APA guide that are most commonly used. Papers that don’t cite properly will not be able to earn an A, so take a little bit of time to be sure you have cited properly. If you have any questions, ask me.

General Guidelines

  • Do not include a cover page, running head, or abstract; you don’t even need to put your name since Canvas knows who you are.
  • You do not need a separate introduction, just address each section. Each section should be a series of fully formed and cohesive sentences and paragraphs focused on the topic of that heading.
  • Use college-level English writing skills. Proofread your papers.
  • Recall that for APA, every citation must appear in the references and every reference must be cited.
  • APA does not use long signal phrases such as “John Smith (2012) says in his article The Sociology of TV in the Journal Sociology…” Instead APA format would state “According to Smith (2012)…” APA does not care about first names, and the publication and article titles are in the reference list so do NOT state them in the text. Do not do this to make your paper longer. I will notice and you will be marked off.


I strongly suggest you submit your paper to the Drafts assignment in our course to check for plagiarism. Look at all matches and make appropriate changes, strive for a 0% match, but use reason when looking at the feedback. References will match of course if you have done them correctly, these matches are ok.

Submit your papers to the two reflection assignments before the date and time the module quiz is due. Find them in the Resources for this Week section of each module (2-8). You can do two in one module or spread them out, but I suggest you do those that are most interesting to you and those that you can relate to yourself.

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