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Create a 10- to 15- learning team slide presentation that describes how to be successful in careers. In your guide, include the following:

  • The effect of professionalism and etiquette on a career
  • What strategies can be employed for professional growth and advancement
  • Best practices for career success

Include detailed speaker notes, specific examples, and at least two outside sources.

Format your references according to APA guidelines.

Include a Title slide with the Team Letter, A, B, C, D, E and names of team members assisting with the assignment.

Include an introductory slide with detailed speaker notes,

Include a conclusion slide with detailed speaker notes.

Include a reference slide with a minimum of two references

Note: Each team member will complete 2 or more slides with detailed speaker notes (at least 2 paragraphs of notes) & a reference.

The team will select (or someone will volunteer) to be a team leader.

The team leader will do the following only: select a template for the presentation, collect and assemble all of the various slides that the team members have completed and uploaded in the Learning Team Discussion area, edit and proof read to ensure the mechanics and format are correct, then the team leader will place the completed presentation in the Learning Team discussion area. After the team members have viewed and approved the completed presentation the team leader will submit the completed presentation to Assignments for grading.

The team leader will click the Assignment Files tab to submit the completed team PowerPoint Presentation assignment

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