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Essay Format (MLA)

1) Issues of climate change from the perspective of global economic perspective including business and government.

2) Issues of global climate change from the perspective of environmental perspectives

3) Values that support the issues of business

4) Values that support the environmental issues

5) Identify the common values

6) Creative strategies (This will be divided into 3 sections):

The strategies will be divided into three parts: (a) global strategies, (b) community strategies, (c) and individual strategies.

a) The global strategies will have two things to do: one you will list the six options for approached to climate change that Jenkins discusses. These can be done as bullet points with a sentence or two in your own words on what they are, what are their weaknesses/strengths, and which nations win or lose (developed or developing or poor). The second thing that is crucial is since none of them are perfect, I want you to choose two of them that can be combined so that the strengths of one mitigate the weaknesses of the other.

b) The second part of the strategies is the community strategies. In this part you are expected to create two or three strategies that local communities could do to address climate change: apartment communities, school communities, religious organizations, etc. (For instance, could renters in an apartment complex request the owners to set up a recycling bin?). c) The third part of the strategies are individual strategies. In this part you are expected to come up with 4-6 strategies that an average student could do as “a drop of water in the ocean” approach. For these you will draw from your 2 page essays for suggestions. There will about 10 strategies total: one global approach (after you have explained the six options summarized by Jenkins), 2-3 community strategies, and 4-6 individual strategies. You should be able to accomplish this in 3-5 pages.

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