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These are the guides you can use to help you create your families going forward. Read the sections. The ones that are good just need to be organized to fit into the final submission. The others would need small changes and include any theories that is outlined. Just read who we are and you can create the rest of what happens to the final after you go through it.

most of this is already completed. Just need to be formatted and put together for submission. Instructor’s feed back on draft was:

The theory section needs to be expanded to say how it fits your family specifically. Try to really point out the concepts so I can see them easily such as using italics

Create a family: How do we live

How do we live?

Make decisions about lifestyle. Are they married or cohabiting? Do they have a domestic partnership? What is your families life like on a daily basis. Do they have pets? Are they active? Religious? What activities do they like to do? Do they love television, movies, theatre, music? You can find examples of how any type of person or people live if you look for them. You need to explain how their lifestyle decisions and choices are shaped by influences in their lives, such as their budget, and explain what these influences are. If they like certain things where did that come from? This section will deal more with the choices your family makes while the next will show how they deal with any issues that come from their choices.

Talk about love styles, conflict styles and other items from the book. This section will deal more with the internal aspects of your family while the next will deal with the external factors and influences. Chapters 4-9 might be the primary influences here. A major aspect of how people live together is communication, how well does your family communicate, which communication styles might they use to make sure they have the best chance for a successful relationship. How to they relate to each other, how do they support each other if one of them is victimized by society for being different?

What parenting styles do they employ? How is that working for them? What do they do to make sure their family stays vibrant and alive? That their initimate relationship stays alive and well? How do they make time for each other where life with children can be terribly demanding and draining?

Creating a Family: How Do We Compare?

How do we compare? The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else's highlight reel.

Choose a social or gender theory that best describes how your family functions (Chapter 2 deals with theories and we discussed them in week two). Define the theory first, then provide a detailed description of how and why it relates to your family. You may combine theories in any fashion you see fit as long as they work together and you have a good understanding of the theories and provide a good definition.

Create a family: Survive and thrive

How will we survive and thrive? Don't just survive, thrive

In a conclusion type of statement you should outline your families’ strengths and areas where you would see them improve. This could be great communication but they don’t do a lot of activities together; or they have terrible communication and need to work on it. This is where you will provide good information from your book to help you with this. The tools provided in your text that your family does not do now, could help them in the long run.

When discussing your families futures, how might these strengths and weaknesses be related to, or even caused by, the larger social forces that affect their lives? Remember no family lives in a vacuum, this assignment should show you that even our most private of lives are influenced by our larger society. What is the current state of your family and what do you predict for them for the future? Why?

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