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Write 3-4 recommendations for the attached case. It doesn’t have to be in an essay format because this is for a presentation. It’s gonna go on a powerpoint.

Take the role of a senior marketing manager

making recommendations to the upper management group of the

organization. Do not rehash the facts of the case, for everyone will have

read and analyzed it before the presentation. Please identify the key

issues/s faced by the organization, and make recommendations for

addressing it/them, with supporting rationale. Keep in mind that the

case (like most real world business situations) there are usually a number

of issues, or things that could be addressed. Typically these things are not

all equally important to the success of the organization at that particular

point in time. Actions need to be prioritized. Some things are must-do’s,

and others are nice-to-do’s. Also, there is rarely only one correct answer to

a marketing problem. Rather, there is a continuum of solutions, from

horrible to excellent. Your goal is to provide the best possible (i.e. the most

logical and well justified) solution to the problem/s at hand. The

presentation should address analysis of the situation and issues,

recommendations, and rationale for the recommendations.

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