write three pages with 5 6 references sources about the 6 rules of being healthy but it will opposite to make it fun for example the first one eat sweet because helps the body etc also provide powerpoint 1

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Write three pages about speech that have to be funny which about( the 6 rules to be healthy) but in reality you will write about how to not be healthy like say. do you the first important rule to be healthy lifestyle eat sweet everyday,etc.

For example, First rule that is will be good eating Chocolate and sweets , As you see facial of Chocolate so beneficial , so for the body is so healthy as well. Always eat chocolate before bed to loose weight.

That is just example to give you idea about how i want the speech . It is a funny speech about being healthy but not really by providing 5 or 6 sources for each rules.It needs to be explained well how for example sweet make you active or whatever so that lead to be healthy. It is like give the audience motivation to be not healthy by eating , gym and many things. For the power point needs to include pictures for sweet, chocolate improve to health lifestyle or other rules.

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