critical analysis integrative business applications

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Also, the Critical Analysis for next Friday is about Taco Bell. It is listed under Week 2 as an assignment to read Taco Bell Luring Londoners with Beer.docx

We will discuss this case in depth on Monday. But to recap for the eager, it is a 3 page paper, double spaced. The headings that need to be included are:

1. Background

2. Problem Statement

3. Alternate Solutions (you need to provide three)

4. Recommendation with a strong justification

5. Measures (you need three measures that would prove if you recommendation is successful. Sales, Market Share, Stock Price and Gross Margin do not count as measures)

6. What I Learned- a couple of sentences about what this case taught you

7. Bibliography- three sources including the case, but not Wikipedia. Put this on a separate page.

If your paper is over three pages, you need to write more effectively.

You can follow the direction that I wrote here, and the file is the case that we need to read and analyze. Please follow all the directions. Thank you!

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