unit four twelve through thirty

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Question 21 (2.5 points)

Question 21 Unsaved

A list of data elements collected for a particular purpose is:

Question 21 options:

Question 22 (2.5 points)

Question 22 Unsaved

Errors in a paper health records should be corrected by FIRST:

Question 22 options:

Question 23 (2.5 points)

Question 23 Unsaved

Inpatient stays longer than 48 hours require a(n):

Question 23 options:

Question 24 (2.5 points)

Question 24 Unsaved

A physician updates a patient’s home health certification/plan of care every ________ days.

Question 24 options:

Question 25 (2.5 points)

Question 25 Unsaved

All of the following statements about E-visits are true EXCEPT:

Question 25 options:

Question 26 (2.5 points)

Question 26 Unsaved

A patient history for an ambulatory visit includes:

Question 26 options:

Question 27 (2.5 points)

Question 27 Unsaved

A specialist that is asked to see a patient or review a case is a(n):

Question 27 options:

Question 28 (2.5 points)

Question 28 Unsaved

Which of the following documents is NOT a consent form?

Question 28 options:

Question 29 (2.5 points)

Question 29 Unsaved

The paper patient demographic form is called a(n):

Question 29 options:

Question 30 (2.5 points)

Question 30 Unsaved

The ________ attempted to make patient records available to providers that were members of larger healthcare organizations.

Question 30 options:

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