risk management plan 25

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I completed the draft, and please use the document of Risk Management Plan Template to finish the paper.

For Week 1, you drafted the Risk Management Plan for your individual project. As we moved through the term, you were able to continue to refine your risk management plan based on our conversations on the risk management process. This revised risk management plan is now submitted for a second grade that reflects the breath and depth of how risk work would be/ will be done on your project based on our work this term. This is representative of a risk management plan that would be created prior to the development of the risk register is your project and guides how the risk work will be done.

Your risk management plan now should connect to the formal work done through our lectures, readings, and discussion boards, as well as other research you may conduct. The format for this Week 5 risk management plan is a Word Document and should be 4 – 6 pages in length. Cite any sources. The writing style should be concise and straightforward. Please use a 12-point font. It is due on Week 5, Sunday by 11:59 p.m. Refer to the Rubric attached to the assignment for additional criteria for evaluation.

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