pick a topic of interest like drug and alcohol addiction and and come up with hypothesis and research information using guidelines in requirement area

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The discussion is two sections.

1. Discussion Topic: Share The Research Design and Hypothesis

In this Discussion Board you will outline the design of your planned research. You will need to include the following information:

What are your variables (independent, dependent, extraneous)? How are they expected to relate to each other? How will they be measured?

If using a survey, questionnaire, or assessment instrument, which one is being used, and why? A custom one could be developed, but that can be quite time consuming, and there are many pre-made instruments out there (http://buros.unl.edu/buros/jsp/search.jsp)

What is the population of interest for this study? How will you sample from this population?

What is the basic procedure that will be used for the study?

The more specifics you can give here, the better your ultimate design will be because you will get much better feedback.

2. Discussion Topic: Ethical Issues in the Research Proposal

Discuss any especial ethical concerns that the proposed research may face. For example: Will the research require the participation of a vulnerable population that requires additional protections? Will deception be used in the study? If so, why is it necessary and does it have the potential to cause harm? These are just a couple examples; every student’s research study is likely to have its own set of ethical considerations. Consider those that might influence your own and offer insights to your peers regarding their studies, too.

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