art history question 2

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Part II Answer one of the questions below. Write your answer in a Word doc and upload.

1. Discuss evolving themes of awareness regarding discrimination and the social divide that separated/separates Black US citizens from White US citizens in African and African American art that we have studied, starting with the earliest colonial period in the United States to the 1990’s. Focus your development particularly on the emergence of the artistic voices of African Americans in their effort to gain public understanding for social, economic, and political equality in U.S. life.

2.Describe the roles of African artists (who were they? What was their function in African societies) and then compare those traditional roles with African American artists in American society. Include colonial slave crafts, first professional artists, Harlem Renaissance and continuing to Civil Rights and artists Jacob Lawrence, Romare Beardon, Faith Ringgold and Elizabeth Catlett.

3. Samella Lewis says, in her last chapter 1999-2002, “The development of African American art in the United States has depended largely on support systems that give artists the freedom and opportunity to explore and experiment in creating works of art.” Please discuss her statement as it applies chronologically to African American art. Include colonial, 19th century, Harlem Renaissance, and afterwards into the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. How have the support systems changed? How have the explorations and experiments changed through time? (HINT – think about what “support systems” are!! Think economic as well as social, religious, and creative supports)

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