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INSTRUCTIONS: You must create a written report. Detailed information and Instructions are included in your textbook in chapters 10,11 and 12 and also provide you with examples of formatting reports and proposals. Your report and presentation must address one of the subjects listed below.

SUBJECT CHOICES 1. Slavery exists in today’s world 2. Do we need a new system of Politics in America ? 3. Why can’t we all get along? 4. The Legacy of Steve Wynn 5. Comparing the Ford and Chevy Trucks. Which is the best purchase? 6. Protect the Monarch butterfly 7. The History of Tattoos 8. Tattoos: Torture or Art? 9. Plastic Surgery- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 10. What to eat and where to go when visiting Las Vegas 11. America’s prison system compared to Italian prison system 12. The Magic of the Rolling Stones 13. The history of Rock and Roll 14. Tylenol – Is it safe to take every day? 15. Coke vs Pepsi; Which company is the best corporate citizen? 16. Why people do or don’t vote in the presidential election…Does a vote mean anything? 17. Religion and Money 18. Death, American Style 19. Water – Will Las Vegas run out of water before 2075? 20. The best dog to purchase for a family with children 21. How to live to be 100 22. Sharks- What everyone should know before you enter the ocean 23. China’s Terra-cotta Soldiers 24. Country Music Yesterday and Today

Your written report can be an informative, persuasive or a proposal type of report. Your report should be not less than 15 pages or more than 20 pages in length and contain the following:

1. Cover Sheet with the name of your report, and date of report

2. Table of Contents ( page 302)

3. One – two-page report summary (abstract/synopsis) (Page 303)

4. Introduction (Page 304) 5. Body of information that includes two (2) types of secondary research one (1) type of primary research three (3) different charts or graphs that present information significant to your subject. (See pages 305-311)

5. Closing that is either a summary, recommendation or analysis of the information presented in your report ( Page 312)

6. Reference page(s) Pages 313)

7. Powerpoint presentation with notes that summarizes your report and is designed to be presented in ten to 15 minutes to a group of 20 people in an audience seating style.

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