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An experimental study was performed with undergraduate nursing students in order to determine, between two methodologies, which is the best for learning standard precautions and precautions based on disease transmission mechanisms (Ramirez, 2018). Criteria which were controlled study were students that regularly attended in two year nursing program and those that agreed and signed informed consent to participate. This study has high controlled to study cause and effect with independent and dependent variables. The independent variable is the undergraduate nursing students. The variable is the self-instruction and clinical simulation on the topic of precautions.

Quasi-experimental research is quantitative research. The purpose of this quantitative, quasi-experimental study was to compare student outcomes from the traditional clinical education (TCE) model with those from the DEU model (George, 2017). DEU model is a dedicated education unit. Students were given a choice of which model and not randomly assigned to model. Student were given other choices in the start of the study proving that this quasi-experimental research was partial control that studies the cause and effect of the variable.

Non-experimental research article is about nursing documentation. The study was done with survey of nurses asking closed-ended question about the importance of nursing documentation. This study is concerned non-experimental research because it has no experiments on drug, treatment or procedure. The study showed nursing documentation to be important to workflow and relevant to patient care.


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