read the case and answer the question 17

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  1. Arla Foods Case
    1. There are societal issues raised in this case and by the Charlie Hebdo killing in Paris.
      1. At a societal level, one issue is that of free speech. What are your thoughts about free speech? Does it, or should it, have limits?
      2. What about the David Brooks’ Op Ed in the New York Times? Are you Charlie? (article Brandeis Betrays Attached) explaining what he is talking about in his reference to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, which was her cancelled talk at Brandeis University.
    2. However, aside from the societal level issues, there are also managerial issues that are important in this case, and Arla managers in Denmark and the Middle East face a crisis and have to respond to events. Put together an action plan that identifies the managerial issues on which they need to take action
    3. What is your reaction to what happened in the case?
    4. What, if any, are the implications of the Arla situation for your business or career?

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