gestalt techniques and procedures

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For this discussion you will think about the different therapeutic techniques and procedures used in Gestalt therapy and you will develop your own “experiment” based the concepts and principles of Gestalt therapy. Before starting your discussion, you may want to refer to this unit’s readings. You can use the articles as sources in your discussion or feel free to search the Capella library literature for other articles about Gestalt techniques. In your post, include the following:

  • Briefly discuss the differences in Gestalt-type “exercises” and “experiments.”
  • Think of a situation you may encounter during counseling with the client. For instance, a client tells you about a troubling relationship with a significant other or parent, problems at work, depression and anxiety symptoms and issues, aches and pains, et cetera. Briefly describe the client and issue.
  • Next, create a Gestalt-type experiment you might use with this client. Describe how the experiment you created is based on concepts and principles of Gestalt.

Please use one or more references, 300 or more words.

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